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The Thabit font is an Arabic typeface meticulously crafted by Khaled Hosny. Boasting a repertoire of 788 characters, this font showcases exemplary glyphs and meticulous design, making it a commendable choice for Arabic typography. The Thabit texture is known for its elegant and calligraphic appearance, making it suitable for various design applications that require a traditional and artistic feel.

It is characterized by its calligraphic style, emulating the hand-drawn strokes of traditional Arabic calligraphy. This feature adds a sense of elegance and authenticity to the font. While Thabit has calligraphic elements, it is also designed with consideration for readability, ensuring that the text remains clear and legible in various sizes and contexts.

The Thabit typeface likely supports OpenType features, which allow for alternate letterforms and ligatures. These features can enhance the visual appeal and authenticity of the Arabic text.

Here are some details about the Thabit texture:

Designer of Thabit Font

The Thabit font was designed by Thomas Milo, a highly respected type designer with expertise in Arabic script typography. It is an Arabic typeface, which means it is designed to write and display Arabic scripts. Arabic fonts have unique letterforms and calligraphic elements, which give them their distinctive appearance.

Usage of Thabit Font

This font can be used for a wide range of design projects, such as branding, packaging, invitations, posters, and other typographic applications that require Arabic script. To be functional and accessible, it would be designed to comply with Unicode standards, enabling the correct rendering and display of Arabic characters in digital environments.

It is common for typefaces like Thabit to have multiple font variants, including different weights (e.g., regular, bold) and styles (e.g., italic, condensed), providing designers more flexibility in their typographic layouts.

It is often used in graphic design projects, such as posters, flyers, brochures, and other promotional materials that involve Arabic text. You can be utilized in branding and logo design for Arabic-speaking companies or organizations to create a distinct and culturally appropriate visual identity. This font is perfect for various purposes such as:-

  • Packaging: It is suitable for packaging design, where Arabic script is required to convey information or branding elements.
  • Typographic Artwork: Calligraphic fonts like Thabit are frequently used for typographic artworks and illustrations that celebrate the beauty of Arabic calligraphy.
  • Web Design: In web design, this font can be used for websites that target Arabic-speaking audiences or require bilingual content.
  • Printed Media: It is suitable for newspapers, magazines, and books that use Arabic text, ensuring an elegant and authentic reading experience.
  • Invitations and Greeting Cards: You can add a touch of elegance to invitations, greeting cards, and other personalized stationery.
  • Arabic Calligraphy Projects: Due to its calligraphic style, the Thabit font may be used as a starting point or reference for Arabic calligraphy projects.
  • Educational Materials: Thabit can be used in educational materials, such as textbooks and language learning resources, to present Arabic text in a visually pleasing manner.
  • Multimedia and Digital Content: Thabit can be employed in multimedia projects, digital presentations, and interactive content with Arabic text.

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Thabit Font

Font Details

NameThabit Font
DesignerThomas Milo
TypeOpen Type & True Type
License Free for Personal Use

Who Can Use Thabit Font?

The version of this typeface is only accessible for your private purposes, commercial or business methods, you just need to buy its full license from the owner of this font.

Thabit Font Free Download


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Here are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Thabit font?

The Thabit font is an Arabic typeface designed by the renowned type designer, Thomas Milo. It is known for its calligraphic and elegant style, making it suitable for various design applications that require Arabic script.

Can I use the Thabit font for commercial projects?

The licensing terms for the Thabit font may vary, depending on its distribution and usage permissions. It is essential to check the specific licensing agreement associated with the font. Some fonts may be available for personal use or have restrictions on commercial use. To use the Thabit font in commercial projects, you may need to purchase a commercial license from the owner of this font.

Is the Thabit font suitable for web design?

Yes, the Thabit font can be used for web design projects with Arabic content or bilingual layouts. It is crucial to ensure that the font is embedded correctly on the website using web font formats (e.g., WOFF, WOFF2) to ensure consistent display across various devices and browsers.

How can I access and download the Thabit font?

The Thabit font may be available for download from various font foundries, design websites, or from the designer, Thomas Milo’s official website. Some fonts may be accessible for personal use, while others may require a purchase or licensing fee for commercial use.