Bahnschrift Bold Font Free Download

Bahnschrift Bold Font

About Bahnschrift Bold Font 

Hi Viewers! We are consulting on a sleek and straightforward sans-serif typeface under the name Bahnschrift Bold Font. This family was developed by an intelligent designer named Aaron Bell. This typeface was released by two famous foundries known by the name FontShop International, and Mergenthaler Linotype Company in 1931.

You can also search for this family in the google fonts library. This typeface is related to Microsoft font and Microsoft corporations discharge it for different designs. It has two files one is TTF and the second is OTF. You can also see its similar Nimbus Sans Font which has the same styles.

This gorgeous typeface has two stylish versions: condensed and medium. Also, this includes eight wonderful styles. Some of its styles are regular, Bold, light, etc. Its generator tool is perfect for many designs related to graphic projects.

Uses of Bahnschrift Bold Font

The value of this family is increasing day after day. A large number of businesses have used this family for numerous designs such as display projects, poster making, logo designs, and many more.

You can assemble pairing this new texture with Mohave Font for use in advanced projects. Due to its support for many languages, this family is used throughout the world.

In the educational sector, this typeface is used for student documents, notes, and much more. It is well suitable for creating social media posts. You can also use this typeface for all large projects. Microsoft used this typeface in Windows 10.

Bahnschrift Bold Font View

Bahnschrift Bold Font View

Bahnschrift Bold Font Free Download

You can free download its free version which is useful for all types of personal purposes by clicking on the given below link.

Bahnschrift Bold Font Free Download

Font Info

NameBahnschrift Bold Font
DesignerAaron Bell
StyleSans Serif
TypeOpen Type & True Type
LiscenceFree for Personal Use Only

License Detail

If you want to buy its license or get permission from its owner then go on the font owner’s site and contact him. You can use this family free of cost for different specific places.

Similars to Bahnschrift Bold Font

Language Support

Ndebele, Kashubian, Khalkha, Khanty, Kildin Sami, Kazakh (Cyrillic), Karachay (Cyrillic), Southern, Malagasy, Khakas, Norwegian, Komi-Permyak, Kurdish, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Macedonian, Romanian, Quechua, Rhaeto-Romance, Papiamento, Russian, Interglossa (Glosa), Indian, Finnish, French, Interlingua, Haitian, English, Guarani, Greek, Greenlandic, Slovenian (Slovene), Creole, Spanish, Hausa, Occitan, Irish (Gaelic), Italian, Jèrriais, Galician, Japanese, Portuguese, Hmong, Genoese, German, Moldovan, Hill Mari, Hopi, Hungarian, and Ibanag.


What is Bahnschrift Bold font?

It is a very prominent typeface and is in Microsoft. This advanced featured typeface consists of sans serif type. 

Is Bahnschrift Bold a true type font?

Yes, obviously this typeface is attainable in the TTF file format. Bahnschrift typeface is perfect for use in different designs.

Is Bahnschrift Bold a Microsoft typeface?

Yes, sure it is Microsoft font and its current version is best for Windows 10.

Where can I get a Bahnschrift Bold Font license?

You can get the license of Bahnschrift bold typefaces from its owner site or from Linotype Foundry which is a famous typography foundry.

Is Bahnschrift Bold-free?

Yes, absolutely this family is free for different places and locations.