Sans Serif

Idealista Font Free Download

The Idealista font designed by Tomas Brousil and released in 2010, is a versatile and expressive typeface from the Suitcase Type Foundry. It features a blend of sans-serif, slab-serif, geometric, and calligraphic elements, making it suitable for a wide range of applications from magazine titles …

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Samsung Sans Font Free Download

Samsung Sans Font

About Samsung Sans Font Samsung Sans Font is a custom sans-serif typeface by Samsung Electronics, designed for readability and consistency across its devices. Many users look for ways to download it, with popular searches including this font download APK, which downloads for Android. This font …

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Interstate Font Free Download

Interstate Font

Interstate Font is a sans-serif typeface released in 1990, designed by the renowned American typeface designer Tobias Frere-Jones. Known for its readability and legibility. It comes in both OTF and TTF file formats. This unique Font has become a popular choice for many organizations in …

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Franklin Gothic Font Free Download

Franklin Gothic Font

Hi Viewers! Today, we’re delving into the world of a classic and highly regarded sans-serif typeface known as Franklin Gothic Font. This iconic font family was created by the talented typographer Morris Fuller Benton in 1902. Released by the American Type Founders (ATF), Franklin Gothic …

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Britannic Bold Font Free Download

Britannic Bold Font

Britannic Bold Font is a sans-serif typeface family. It is known for its strong presence and timeless design, making it a favorite for various applications. Britannic Font Family was created by a popular designer Stephenson Blake and URW Design Staff. It was published through URW …

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Migra Font Free Download

Migra Font

Migra Font belongs to the sans serif texture family and was designed by Valerio Monopoli. This font was meticulously crafted by a team of skilled typographers Valerio Monopoli and published in 2020, through Pangram Pangram. You can download it free from here. It is available …

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Sesame Street Font Free Download

Sesame Street Font

Hi Viewers! It is a famous unique texture known as the name of Sesame Street Font, it is a unique font inspired by the iconic logo of the beloved American television series, Sesame Street. This sans-serif typeface is known for its bold, playful appearance and …

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Kabel Font Free Download

Kabel Font

Kabel Font is an elegant and geometric sans-serif typeface. This family was created by the renowned German designer Rudolf Koch. It was first released by the Klingspor Foundry in 1927 and later gained popularity through various foundries, including Linotype. This beautiful typeface comes in several …

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Myriad Roman Font Free Download

Myriad Roman Font

In this post, we are going to introduce to you a very amazing and beautiful texture called Myriad Roman Font. This elegant sans-serif typeface was crafted by the talented designers Robert Slimbach and Carol Twombly. Originally released by Adobe in 1992, you can easily download …

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Candara Font Free Download

Candara Font

The Candara Font was crafted by designer Gary Munch for Microsoft’s ClearType Font Collection. With its sleek lines and casual yet sophisticated demeanor, it offers a refreshing take on readability and style in the realm of typography. This unique font embodies the essence of contemporary …

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Museo Sans Font Free Download

Museo Sans Font

The Museo Sans Font is a versatile typeface designed by Exljbris Font Foundry. It falls under the category of sans-serif fonts, known for their clean and modern appearance. With its sleek design, it offers a professional and contemporary look that suits a variety of design …

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Gucci Font Free Download

Gucci Font

Gucci font is a well-loved brand, and its font is equally popular and widely used. This font originates from an Italian fashion house that has been around for many years. Gucci is renowned for its high-quality designs. The Gucci logo, in particular, has captivated many …

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