Controwell Victorian Font Free Download

Controwell Victorian Font is a basic serif texture and it has fancy characters that are effective for calligraphy designs. Alit Design is the main and original designer of this family. This family contains a bunch of fancy characters and styles.

A lot of similar fonts to this family are obtainable on google but it is available on our website. Because of its open constitution, and a colossal x-top this family is famous all across the globe. Cochin font is similar to this family because of its gorgeous look.

The online tool that is famous for the name generator tool is very beneficial and helpful in case of colorful graphic designs themes and projects. After applying this family to your plans you will notice its attractive results.

Uses of Controwell Victorian Font

All expert designers can use this cozy font for beer design, packaging design, cards, book covers, and much more. It is used in plenty of places but especially for official tasks. This font family is the best choice for Youtubers and data entry operators. In Adobe and Canva programs you will notice the most satisfactory results of this typography.

For multiple poster designs, thumbnails, editing videos, as well as photos this typeface is perfect and also provides fantastic results. For the heading of the website and titles, you can choose this typography without any worry. This adorable font is suitable for making a high-quality logo design for famous organizations, brands, as well as magazines.

Controwell Victorian Font View

Controwell Victorian Font View

Controwell Victorian Font Free Download

Hey Audience! here this family is attainable for you and simply click on this button.

Font Information

NameControwell Victorian Font
DesignerAlit Design
File FormatOpen Type & True Type
LiscenceFree for Personal Use Only

License Detail

First of all, it depends on your projects, If you want to use it for personal plans then it is free and if you are interested to use this family in business then you will pay for it.

Similars to Controwell Victorian Font

Language Support

Oromo, Guarani, Creole, Quechua, Portuguese, German, Mari, Macedonian, Indian, Hopi, Kurdish, Greek, Norfolk/Pitcairnese, Hausa, Ossetian, Romanian, Occitan, Spanish, Jèrriais, Hungarian, Nenets, Hiligaynon, Friuli, Genoese, French, Finnish, Ibanag, Russian, Irish.


What is the type of Controwell Victorian Font?

A serif texture and it has fancy characters that are effective for calligraphy designs.

Where we can use Controwell Victorian Font?

You can use this typography for a lot of designs according to your desire like covers of books, envelopes, emblems, and others.

Is Controwell Victorian free?

For a few locations, it is free and for some places, this typography has paid version.