Edwardian Script Font Free Download

Edwardian Font

Edwardian Script Font Free Download

Edwardian Script Font is an elegant and sophisticated typeface under the script category. Designed by the renowned Edward Benguiat and published by ITC, this font is perfect for adding a touch of class to any project.

The typeface contains 1 file and supports 39 languages, making it versatile for various design needs. You can download the Edwardian Script ITC for free for personal use, with available styles including ITCEDSCR.TTF and EdwardianScriptITC.ttf.

Edwardian Script ITC is available in two styles and family package options, ensuring you have the flexibility to choose the best fit for your creative endeavors. This typeface is characterized by its flowing, cursive letters that give a handwritten feel, ideal for formal invitations, branding, and more.

Pairing and Compatibility

When it comes to pairing, the Edwardian Script works beautifully with a variety of fonts. Some excellent pairings include classic serif fonts like Times New Roman or modern sans-serif fonts like Helvetica. This combination can make your designs stand out while maintaining readability and elegance.

Uses of Edwardian Script Font

This font is perfect for a wide range of applications:

Graphic Design: Enhance your creative projects with captivating typography.

Advertisements: Create eye-catching ads that attract attention.

Social Media Posts: Make your posts more engaging with stylish text.

Logos and Branding: Give your brand a unique and sophisticated look.

Invitations and Greeting Cards: Add a personal touch to your events and celebrations.

Edwardian Script Font View

Edwardian Script Font

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Font Info

NameEdwardian Script Font
DesignerEdward Benguiat
TypeOpen Type & True Type
License InfoFree for Personal Use

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What is the Edwardian script texture?

It is a typeface designed by Edward Benguiat, and published by ITC. It is known for its elegant, cursive style.

What is the Edwardian writing font?

It is often called the Edwardian writing style due to its sophisticated script style reminiscent of Edwardian-era handwriting.

What texture is closest to Edwardian script?

Fonts similar to this texture include Scriptina, adreena script font, and Allura, which all offer a similar cursive and elegant look.

What font pairs well with Edwardian script?

It pairs well with classic serif fonts like Times New Roman and modern sans-serif fonts like Helvetica. This combination balances elegance with readability.