Kundli Font Free Download

Hey there to everybody, we come with a Hindi typeface known under the name Kundli Font. The family of this texture is known for its 5 distinctive and wonderful styles. This typography possesses styles like regular, condensed Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic for best performance.

A very well-known foundry named Indian Type Foundry took complete charge of the creation of this texture. When we discuss its characters then this font consists of different 78 characters and is also attainable with one hundred and fifty-six classic Glyphs.

Shusha font is alternative to this family because of the different same features. It is well famed for Windows 7 and Windows 10. This Hindi font has an online generator tool that is very helpful in the case of colorful graphic designs and themes.

Usage of Kundli Font

All higher and commercial projects can be easily done by using this Hindi typeface. It is very helpful and meaningful for all businessmen and designers. All expert designers use this family for their personal brand designs. It is very effective for writing paragraphs both short and lengthy, and assignments for students.

Card designs for your weddings and businesses can be made very attractive by utilizing Kundli Font. For Logos designs of brands, colleges, universities, and commercial buildings this family is a perfect choice.

There is no need to worry all higher clothes companies and boutique uses this typeface for beautiful designs. This typography is readily used on the superficial keyboard and it got a massive victory in the year 2002. It is effective for Andriod devices.

Kundli Font View

Kundli Font

Kundli Font Free Download

For all client’s and audience’s comfort, this font is completely ready so, please click on the orange button and download it.

Kundli Font Free Download

Font Info

NameKundli Font
DesignerIndian Type Foundry
TypeOpen Type & True Type
LicenseFree for Personal and Commercial Use

License Detail

Here, this family allows for all of you by its designer which is free for all secret projects and also for business and printing functions.

Similars to Kundli Font

Language Support

Indian, German, Istro-Romanian, English, Genoese, Ndebele, Quechua, Portuguese, Sami, Pangasinan, Irish, Slovenian, Indonesian, Komi-Permyak, Spanish, Greek, Jèrriais, Russian, Norwegian, Haitian, Norfolk/Pitcairnese, Ossetian, Greenlandic, Hopi, Macedonian, Occitan, Kildin Icelandic, French, Finnish, Kalmyk, Hawaiian, Creole, Piedmontese, Ibanag, Karachay, Guarani, Sotho Malagasy, Romanian, Frisian, Italian, Moldovan, and Nenets.


What is the type of Kundli Font?

A very popular Indian font with five awesome styles and different glyphs and wonderful characters.

Is Kundli Font suitable for Canva?

Yes, for all projects of Canvas and Adobe this family is perfect and well-suitable.

What is the category of Kundli Font?

This typography lies in the classification of the Hindi family of fonts.

Is Kundli Font free for commercial use?

Yes, sure this family is completely free of charge for all personal and business locations. There is no need to buy its paid license.