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Korku Font

Hey! here for anyone who is interested in fonts, we described Korku Font for more incredible design. It lies in the classification of the Brush family of fonts. This font was finally created by multiple designers in Linotype Foundry.

Different textures that are related to this one are attainable on google fonts. It is renowned because of its wide corners and striking look. Its unique styles make it captivating for various designs.  The copy-and-paste function of this typography makes it impressive in the field of textual design projects.

The beauty and the Beast font and another danger font are similar to this one due to the same styles and look. The online tool known as the generator tool is a very helpful feature of this font in order to conversion of graphic designs.

Uses of Korku Font

After day by day, the use of the font is common in the industry but for good-looking designs, the right font is very essential. so, because of its classic and bright features, this texture is used in a vast variety of ways. It is effective for the Canva program. Almost in the business sector, hundreds of projects are done by using this family like reports, certificates, billboards, and much more.

Students make and prepare their presentations related to multiple topics by utilizing this family. One more amazing feature for all the readers is that you can make a proper strong pairing of this texture with Chalkboard font and enjoy double features. Moreover, you can especially use this texture for logos of various brands, and clothes designs.

Korku Font View

Korku Font

Korku Font Free Download

For the easiness of all audiences, this texture is completely ready for download in this phase so, don’t wait and click on the orange button.

Font Info

NameKorku Font
DesignerLinotype Foundry
TypeOpen Type & True Type
LicenseFree for Personal Use Only

License Detail

The creator of this family allows you to pick out it and is free to use for secret locations and for business ways and plans you will have to buy its license.

Similars to Korku Font

Language Support

Slovenian, Kildin, Istro-Romanian, Khanty, Portuguese, Norwegian, Piedmontese, German, Mari, Indonesian, English, Interlingua, Greenlandic (Kurmanji), Southern Khalkha, Frisian, Italian, Rhaeto-Romance, Hiligaynon, Sami, Oromo, Guarani, Creole (Sesotho), Hill Kashubian (Cyrillic), Kalmyk, Hawaiian, Hungarian, Nenets, Kabardian, Indian, Romanian, Occitan, Ibanag, Russian, Karachay Kurdish Papiamento, Hausa, Ossetian (Cyrillic), Sotho Malagasy, Moldovan, Hopi (Slovene), Friuli, Genoese, Ndebele (Ilokano),  and Quechua.


What is Korku Font?

This texture lies in the category of brush family of fonts and is specially designed for logos.

Is Korku perfect for Adobe?

Absolutely this typography is suitable for Adobe and also effective for the Canva program.

What is the generator tool for the Korku typeface?

The online tool known as the generator tool is a very helpful feature of this font in order to conversion of graphic designs.

Is Korku Font free?

Yes, but only for secret locations, its designer allows it to use freely.