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Interstate Font

Interstate Font is a sans-serif typeface released in 1990, designed by the renowned American typeface designer Tobias Frere-Jones. Known for its readability and legibility. It comes in both OTF and TTF file formats.

This unique Font has become a popular choice for many organizations in their branding and promotional projects. This typeface was released by various foundries, including the United States Foundry and Font Bureau.

Designed specifically for print designs, it offers a wide range of weights, making it highly versatile and useful for different design needs. Its clean and professional look makes it suitable for both digital and print media, ensuring your content remains impactful and easy to read.

Uses of Interstate Font

This Font is widely recognized for its use in notable places such as the logo of the television series “Sesame Street” and the US Army song released in 2006.

This font is perfect for a variety of applications including movie and television series posters, branding and promotions, and various graphic design projects.

You can utilize this font with nimbus sans font, and create fantastic projects. Its clear and legible design makes it a favorite for creating impactful headlines, eye-catching posters, and professional branding materials.

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Interstate Font

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Font Details

NameInterstate Font
DesignerTobias Frere Jones
StyleSans Serif
TypeOpen Type & True Type
License InfoFree for Personal Use

Interstate Font Family

  • Interstate Black
  • Interstate Black Compressed
  • Interstate Ultra Black Condensed
  • Interstate Black Italic
  • Interstate Hairline Condensed
  • Interstate Thin Condensed
  • Interstate Ultra Black Italic
  • Interstate Bold Italic
  • Interstate Bold
  • Interstate Regular
  • Interstate Black Regular
  • Interstate Black Condensed
  • Interstate Bold Compressed
  • Interstate Bold Condensed
  • Interstate Compressed
  • Interstate Condensed
  • Interstate ExtraLight
  • Interstate ExtraLight Compressed
  • Interstate ExtraLight Condensed
  • Interstate ExtraLight Italic
  • Interstate Hairline
  • Interstate Hairline Italic
  • Interstate Italic
  • Interstate Light
  • Interstate Light Compressed
  • Interstate Light Condensed
  • Interstate Light Italic
  • Interstate Regular
  • Interstate Thin
  • Interstate Thin Italic
  • Interstate Ultra Black
  • Interstate Ultra Black Compressed

Alternatives of Interstate Font


What is the Interstate font?

It is a sans-serif typeface designed by Tobias Frere-Jones, inspired by the signage alphabets of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

What font is closest to Interstate?

The font closest to this typeface is knockout font, which is also based on the same FHWA signage standards.

What texture is the Interstate number?

The numbers on these texture signs typically use the “FHWA Series E” font, part of the Highway Gothic family.

How do I add an Interstate texture to Adobe?

To add it to Adobe applications, purchase and download the font, then install it on your computer. It will then be available in your Adobe software’s font list.

Is Interstate a good font?

Yes, It is considered a good font, known for its readability and versatility in various design applications, from signage to digital media.

Is Interstate a free font?

This texture is not a free font. It must be purchased from a font foundry or authorized distributor.

Is Interstate Font Safe to Use on An Online Platform?

Yes, It is safe to use on online platforms once you have purchased the appropriate license. It is a reliable and professional font for web design and other digital applications.

Which Font Goes Best with Interstate Font?

TheArciform Sans Font pairs well with this Font. It complements a clean and modern look, providing a balanced and aesthetically pleasing design.