Dakota Font

Dakota Font Free Download

Dakota Font is a script typeface that edges characters. This font is acclimating to different script designs. It is perfect for making more readable of your textual content. This font was made by vLetter.

Basically, this has two purposes, the first one is utilitarian and the second one is readable. This font has grungy characters that consist of alphabet and numbers. It has many features that evoke the beauty of your projects. This font is easy to communicate with any other.

It has a simple and effective typeface suitable for text and book cover designs. It is best for making a hierarchy of different designs. The designers mostly like it and use it in high-value projects by making combinations with Comic Sans MS font.

Where can I use Dakota Font?

You can effectively utilize this font in graphic designs to get a good result. This font is suitable for counterpart text designs to any similar font by using strategic of typefaces styles like regular and bold. It is useable in various types of message designs.

You can design work that will soar to new heights if you make pairing this font withBallerina font and use it in design projects.

This font is great for glossaries like its baseline and cutting-edge characters. It is suitable for user requirements in the software field and hardware fields. This font is widely used for hand-drawn text on different cards. The generator tool of this font is available on different authorized websites.

Dakota Font View

Dakota Font

Dakota Font Free Download

The free version of this masterclass font is available here that is free to use for different resources. Click on the download link given below and use it easily.

Dakota Font Free Download

Font Info

NameDakota Font
TypeOpen Type & True Type
LicenseFree for Personal Use Only

License Detail

You want to pay some money to purchase its license and by getting it you can get ownership of this font. After that, it is available for commercial use.

Similars to Dakota Font

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Language Support

Romanian, Occitan, Ibanag, Kalmyk, Hawaiian, Nenets, Kabardian, Indian, Hopi, (Slovene), Hungarian, Occitan, and Karachay Kurdish, Papiamento, Hausa, Ossetian (Cyrillic), Sotho Malagasy, Haitian (Cyrillic), Moldovan, Friuli, Genoese, Ndebele (Ilokano), Macedonian, Interglossa French, Kazakh Kurdish, Norfolk/Pitcairnese, Iloko Greek, Somali, Hmong, Khakas, Galician, Komi-Per, English, Interlingua, Hill Kashubian, Istro Romanian, Khanty, Norwegian, Piedmontese, Portuguese, German, Mari, (Glosa), (Gaelic), Indonesian, Kildin, Pangasinan, Nahuatl, Slovenian Southern Khalkha, Frisian, Italian, Rhaeto-Romance, Hiligaynon, Southern, Sami, Oromo, Guarani, Creole, (Sesotho (Cyrillic),


What is the main type of Dakota Font?

This is a handwriting script typeface and it has script-style characters.

Is the generator tool of Dakota Font free to use?

Yes, it is fully free to use for any personal text graphic designs and it has paid version for use in commercial or ownership.

What font is closest to Dakota Font?

Many fonts are available on google that goes well with this typeface butDisney Font is a massive similar to this.

Who is the owner or designer of Dakota Font?

vLetter, Inc is the owner and the first designer of Dakota typeface. This texture has famous and unique designs.

How many styles of Dakota Font?

Dakota typeface has 30 styles that are Regular, Italic, Light, Light Italic, Demi Demi Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Black, Black Italic, Condensed, Condensed Italic, Light Condensed, Light Condensed Italic, Demi Condensed. Demi Condensed Italic, Bold Condensed, Bold Condensed Italic, Black Condensed, Black Condensed Italic, Extended, Extended Italic, Light Extended, Light Extended Italic, Demi Extended, Demi Extended Italic, Bold Extended, Bold Extended Italic, Black Extended, Black Extended Italic.

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