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Belwe Font Free Download

Today, We are introducing a user-friendly typeface that is best for different design projects known as Belwe Font. This gorgeous font has bold serif characters so, it is known for the slab serif category in the font world. Some characters are stylish and their corners are curved like Q and W.

All characters’ height in this typeface is 1193 and the maximum width is 1000. It has thin strokes and sharp corners. The number of glyphs of this typeface is 229 along with 01 thousand units per em.

This texture support many languages because it is a professional use typeface. It gives a unique and robust appearance to your text designs. The designer can make pairing this font family with Antiqua Font for more exciting and outstanding results.

Uses of Belwe Font

In official and administration settings, you can utilize this texture for making memos, general reports, and many other related commercial purposes. This typeface is used for any kinds of designing stuff and materials like pants designs, blouse designs, and printing on clothes.

This font family has many uses in the design industry. It is useable for writing clear titles on different cards like business and ceremony. A lot of designers pick it for creating their text design and graphic design projects more pretty than others. This clean font is perfect for use in the place of the Antenna Font.

Belwe Font View

Belwe Font

Belwe Font Free Download

This attractive and useful font is easy to download from here, simply click on the given below download button and the zip file of this font is automatically downloaded on your operating system.
belwe font free download

Font Info

NameBelwe Font
DesignerGeorg Belwe
StyleSlab Serif
TypeOpen Type & True Type
LiscenceFree for Personal Use Only

License Detail

The paid license of this effective typeface is available on the owner site of Belwe texture and you can buy it easily from where.

Similars to Belwe Font

Language Support

Ndebele, Kazakh (Cyrillic), Komi-Permyak, Kurdish, Karachay (Cyrillic), Southern, Malagasy, Khakas, Norwegian, Indian, Romanian, Russian, Interglossa (Glosa), Ossetian, Pangasinan, Oromo, Piedmontese, Haitian, Slovenian (Slovene), Indian, Brazil, Creole, Finnish, French, Interlingua, Hill Mari, Hopi, Hungarian, Ibanag, Galician, Hmong, Iloko (Ilokano), Indonesian, Genoese, German, Moldovan,


Is Belwe Font free?

Yes, this is free for all those projects who are related to personal projects. It is paid when it is used for business purposes.

What type of font is Belwe Font?

The main type of this typeface is a slab serif and it has five styles and three weights including bold, light, and regular.

Who is the designer of Belwe Font?

The primary designer of belwe typefaces is Georg Belwe which was designed many fonts in the whole typeface industry.

Can I use Belwe Font for Adobe apps?

Yes, you can use it for all kinds of adobe applications as well as for designing software.

Is the generator tool of Belwe Font available?

Of course, this helpful facility which is an online generator tool is available for all users and designers.

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